Bullet Run


A reality show with live shooting and deaths? Why not?


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Bullet Run is a first person shooter where you will have to participate in the most savage tournament in the world: a 'reality show' where a series of competitors have to kill each other in the most attractive way to achieve the applause from the public.

To kill your enemies and keep the public happy you don't only have to just shoot them (although you can do that as well) but you will have to use some of the eight special abilities that you have at your disposal and that will make the game a lot more fun. In addition, to speed up the action even more you will have a quick reloading function for which you will need a lot of skill.

One of the best aspects of the game, apart from its entertaining shooting style, is the quantity of personalization possibilities that you have. Not only will you be able to create your own charachter but you will also have a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating your weapons, adding any type of accessory to them.

Of course, as you compete and kill enemies, you will also gain experience and levels, gaining access to new abilities and weapons that you will be able to use in any of the six different battle arenas present in the game.

Bullet Run is an excellent multiplayer shooting game that in addition to supporting up to twenty persons simultaneously is also completely free. The only thing you can pay for optionally is some accessories that are not necessary to correctly enjoy this game.
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